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Marissa Firstenberg
Ecommerce Controller

Marissa Firstenberg
Marissa seemed to have a passion for numbers early in her life. She excelled in math when she was in middle school and had taken accounting classes by the time she was in high school. Thankfully, that passion turned into a profession when in college at Florida State University she entered the business school and majored in Accounting. Marissa earned her Bachelor’s degree and her path was set.

After graduation, her tax career began when Marissa was hired as a public accountant. This was a valuable training ground for her and she learned how to work as part of a team. During her employment, Marissa completed her Masters Program in Accounting. Continuing her education became paramount, so she studied and passed her CPA exams. Marissa has 5 years of experience in public accounting. One thing she has enjoyed most is the interaction with the clients. After putting her skills to test, doing taxes for a few years, she wanted to view a different perspective and was hired as a controller for a timeshare company. During this time, Marissa gained valuable experience with budgeting and analyses.

Marissa was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida and in 2011 moved to Denver with her husband. They enjoy the wonderful opportunities that Colorado lifestyle has to offer.

Marissa is excited to work with this fast-paced company and has brought her experience and enthusiasm to the workplace as a Catching Clouds team member.

CPA – Certified Public Accountant (Colo License #0030031, Exp 11/30/19)

Marissa Firstenberg
Fun Facts About Marissa
Position: Ecommerce Controller
Loves: Pretty much anything outdoors
Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore
Favorite Color: Hot pink
Favorite Food: Sushi and Thai
Favorite Musical Artists: Drake, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Rihanna

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Copyright 2011 - 2017 CATCHING CLOUDS LLC

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