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Catching Clouds Academy

Online Training for Ecommerce Sellers (& for the Accountants Who Love Them)

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Everyone needs a little help now and then.

Catching Clouds has been the leader in providing ecommerce accounting services since 2013 with our heavy expertise in both accounting and technology. Not only do we provide accounting services to our customers, but we consult with cloud tool vendors in improving their products, and we speak at accounting conferences to train other accountants on how to better serve their ecommerce clients.

Clearly, we live our mission to make ecommerce businesses better.

However, with billions of third-party products being sold on alone* and with no slowdown in sight, there's no way we can help everyone... and the "little guys" who are just starting out cannot afford good consultative advice at a time when good advice is priceless.

Until now.

Coming in summer 2017 is a series of complete online training courses for both the do-it-yourself ecommerce seller and for the accountants who are interested in supporting them.

We are hoping to help as many ecommerce businesses as possible:

  • Understand what they should know about accounting
  • Understand how to set up and run accounting systems to support their online business (including multi-channel systems!)
  • How to reconcile PayPal and other merchant accounts
  • How to deal with accounting for inventory and cost of goods sold
  • Understand sales tax ramifications and how to handle the logistics
  • And lots more....

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(And if you have any specific issues you'd like us to include in the training, please drop us an email at with your feedback.)


Scott & Patti Scharf, Catching Clouds


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