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The Financial Health Score Finds Errors In Your:

Balance Sheet

Improve your business efficiency, get access to capital, & promote overall financial health.

Accounts Receivable

Avoid undervaluing your business, missing growth opportunities, & losing out on business deals.

Accounts Payable

Save time and money by fixing issues like duplicate payments.

Income Statement

Understand business performance, make better decisions, and be tax-ready.


Strengthen your ability to forecast, think strategically, and detect fraud.

There is nothing else like the Financial Health Score. It scans your books so you will know what’s working and what needs to be fixed. It’s such valuable information.

David McLaughlinDirector of Quality Assurance

The Financial Health Score has made the review of financials seamless. With this automated process, you can identify any issues that prevent accurate financial reports. Errors are spotted in just a few minutes, ensuring that you have the most accurate financials to help you make valuable decisions for your company.

Zhenya LawrenceQuality Control Accountant

Inside Your Score

Better data leads to better business decisions. Find out exactly which transactions you need to fix inside your Financial Health Score.

financial health score

Green transactions can be left alone.

financial health score

Fix yellow transactions when you have the time.

financial health score

Red transactions are urgent. Fix these ASAP.

Get your free Financial Health Score in just 3 minutes.

Check My Books

Tune Up Your Financials

Video Transcript

“Am I doing my accounting correctly?”
Every entrepreneur has asked that question at some point.
And it’s a good question. With accurate books, your business is more likely to succeed – and thrive.
Put an end to the guesswork. At Acuity, we’re giving you access to a tool that we use on our clients’ books – for free!
In just a few clicks, you can get a Financial Health Score that identifies 80% of your top bookkeeping errors.
Inside, you’ll get a grade for each of your transactions. Red means you should focus on fixing these errors. Yellow errors are lower priority – fix them when you have the time. And green transactions? You can leave these ones alone.
You’ll come away with a complete Financial Health Score and an understanding of what you need to do to fix your books – and improve the health of your business.
Don’t overextend your business. Maximize its value, and feel confident when you’re making decisions.
Take the first step today! Click “Get Started.”
Just enter your info, connect your Quickbooks or Xero account, and get your financial health score in just a few minutes.
Oh yeah, and did we mention? It’s free.

As the accuracy of your financial records improves from “not so great” to “excellent,” your business is 3x more likely to survive. And who doesn’t want those odds?

How It Works

The free Financial Health Score catches 80% of bookkeeping errors in just a few minutes using proprietary technology.

About Us

At Acuity, we’re all about providing our clients with detailed, accurate financials that lead to better business decisions. 

We offer tech-forward bookkeeping, tax, CFO, and accounting support so you can focus on excelling in your business’s core activities.

Smarter Data. Better Business Decisions.

Gain insight into your financial health with Acuity. Get back to running your business.

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Did we mention it’s free?

Unlock your financial health score and find out how accurate your financials are. It only takes 3 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of results do you get, and why are they important?

In just a few minutes, the free Financial Health Score will find any incomplete financial data in your business, highlighting bank feeds that are broken, uncategorized assets, outstanding invoices, overdue bills, and more.

free Financial Health Score helps identify items that are important for being cash flow positive, valuing your business, making good decisions, maintaining compliance, and being prepared for your tax return. This helps you prioritize where to focus on individual transactions.

Did you know that 40% of errors are related to incomplete data? Keep on scrolling to watch a video about how to interpret your results!

How will I get my results?

Your results will be displayed on your screen after you connect your account. After your initial review, you will receive an email with a PDF of your results as well.

I don’t have a Xero or QuickBooks account. Can I still get a Financial Health Score?

At this time, the Financial Health Score is only available to users of those two softwares.

I’m not sure how to interpret my results. Can I talk to someone for more information?

Yes! Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about your Financial Health Score results.

What is the privacy policy for the Financial Health Score?

All data you provide, and all results derived by VerifyiQ and Acuity from the data, remain your property. Financial information is always confidential, and we will not sell or otherwise release your information to any third party. By connecting your QuickBooks or Xero account to the Financial Health Score (FHS), you provide “read only” access to your file. The FHS does NOT provide direct access to your file to Acuity or any other entity.

For more information about our privacy policy, refer to our Terms of Use.

How To Interpret Your Results

I've taken the Financial Health Score. How do I know what my results mean?

First, you’ll want to check out your green “correct” score. This represents what percentage of your transactions are correct:

financial health score

  • > 95%: Your books are in good shape.
  • 85 – 95%: Your books are doing OK. Take action in the medium term.
  • < 85%: You have some work to do. Fix your books as soon as possible. 

How do I know which issues to address first?

You’ll also get a score for each of your individual transactions. Now you know exactly what you need to fix, and when:

  • Green: These transactions are in good shape. No changes are needed.

  • Yellow: Something isn’t quite right. A human needs to review and fix this transaction in the medium term.

  • Red: Fix these transactions as soon as possible. 

With complete and accurate information, your business is more likely to survive – and thrive.

Still not quite sure what your Financial Health Score means? No worries!

Schedule a meeting with our team to walk through your results.

Better Financial Data. Better Outcomes For Your Business.

Set your business up for success with Acuity.

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